How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube


There are numerous approaches when it comes to solve a Rubik’s cube. All of these methods have various levels of difficulties, for begbeinners or for some speedcubers, even for solving cube blindfolded. Usually, people get stuck solving the cube after they are done with the first face, after they require some help.

The method presented here will divide the cube into some layers and you may solve every layer applying a particular algorithm not messing up every piece that’s already in place. However, for you to get started, it is wise to read basic terminology about Rubik’s cube and you’ll have to know the notation for Rubik’s cube as this can make a different. F stands for front, R is right, U is up, D is down, and L is left.

Below are the best approaches on how to solve a Rubik’s cube:

  • White Cross – You may start with the white face. First and foremost, you have to make the white cross paying attention to the color of side center pieces. This step is a bit intuitive since there are no solved pieces that you should watch out for. You may do this with practice. Just move white edges to places not messing up with everyone fixed already.
  • White Corners – In this approach, you have to arrange all white corner pieces to complete the first face. This step is intuitive, you may do this without learning a particular algorithm. If you do not have patience, you may twist your cube’s bottom layer so that the white corners are under the spot where it is supposed to go on top layer. As of today, do one of the 3 algorithms in accordance to the piece’s orientation in which direction the white sticker faces. If a white corner piece it should belong, yet turned wrong, you have to pop this out first.
  • Yellow Cross – Begin solving your cube’s last layer, which makes a yellow cross on the cube’s top part. It does not matter if the pieces aren’t on the final places so you do not have to pay attention to the colors of your cube’s sides.
  • Yellow Pages – After making a yellow cross on the cube’s top part, you need to put yellow edge pieces on the final places to match the side center pieces’ colors.
  • Yellow Corners on Places – The last layer corners are actually left unsolved. First and foremost, you have to get them to a proper spot, so never worry about the orientation with this step. Look for a piece that is on the right place already, move this to the front-right-top corner, then you should apply an algorithm to switch the 3 wrong pieces.
  • Orient Yellow Corners – Every piece is on the right place you only need to orient the yellow corner to complete the puzzle. It proved to be the confusing and challenging step, so you must read the instructions and follow some steps properly.