These Things You Never Give To Shivling On Monday

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On Monday, Lord Shiva’s day is believed that people worship Shivling on this day and try to influence Lord Shiva. Most unmarried girls and boys worship Lord Shiva to get a good life partner. But there is a lot to remember when worshiping Lord Shiva there are many things that you should not offer shivling.

* Water from Shell
Shell is considered very sacred in Hindu mythology, and it is also used in almost all the pujas. But offering water to Shiling from it is not consdiered auspicious.

* Coconut Water
Lord Shiva is worshipped with coconut and not water of coconut. Because what you offer \to shiviling, it should be that ou don’t intake.

* Tulsi
Tulsi is considered very sacred in Hindu mythology and it is also used in every pooja, but offering it to Shiviling is not considered.

* Turmeric
There are many auspicious pooja, which is incomplete without turmeric. But offering turmeric to Shivling is not considered.

* Kumkum
The Sindoor or kumkum, women are used for the long life of their husbands. And Lord Shiva is considered a part of the vidhvsank, that is the reason that Kumkum does not apply to him.

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