Wednesday 19th June 2024

The state of Odisha offers a unique cuisine that differs from region to region. However, a true Odia must know the taste of all. While it might not be possible to try out all the food of the state, here is a list dedicated to the most delicious top 10 foods of the state.


This is a dal cooked with vegetables and some spices. Dalma has a unique taste and is very healthy to eat.


The Pakhala or water rice is a must eat for all Odias on a hot and humid day. Pakhala tastes perfect when combined with Badichura and Fish Fry. However, it is said that Pakhala makes you feel sleepy. So, I would suggest taking a proper rest after eating this meal.


Various Pithassuch as Kakara, Chakuli, Chitau, Arisa, PodaPithaetc. are the festive foods of Odisha. The preparations of these are time-consuming and made only on festive occasions such as marriages and Pujas. However, the perfect sweet taste can make one forget about the time and energy gone into their preparation.


The Ghaanta made from vegetables, lentils and peas is a very healthy delicious yet time taking food. Not anyone can make it. However, it is a speciality of mothers of this soil.


PaluaLadu of Bhadrak, Rasagolla and Chena Jhilli of Salepur are the name of the two most mouth-watering sweets offered by these areas of the state. However, they can be found and enjoyed in almost every sweet stall of Odisha.

The state offers such a wide variety of palate that I may have missed some. So, as an addition, I would suggest, every Odia must try once in his life Cuttack Dahibara, BaripadaMaunsamudhi (meat with puffed rice), Dhenkanala Bara and BarampurAchar and Papad.

Sounds yum yum, right…

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