Friday 17th May 2024

The greatest truth in life is death. If a person is born, then his death is certain. Since no one is left out of death. On one day or the other, you will have to go with Yamraj. It is said that nobody knows when death is done, but it is not the truth. There are some symptoms that the person knows that his death is near. Today, we are going to inform you of the symptoms that tell that the person’s death is near.

According to beliefs, when the color of the face of a person begins to change to yellow, white or light red, then he has to face death in the next 6 months.

After the passing of time, if a person is unable to see the tip of the nose, then it means that he will die soon. Because his eyes move slowly and at the time of death the eyes completely move upwards.

The person who does not appear in the place between his eyebrows, that person will die from within 7 or 9 days. The person who can not see his nose in 3 days and who can not see his tongue, will die in one day, there is no doubt in it.

Sometime before the death, that person stops seeing everything, it stops to differentiate between colours, everything looks black.

Sometime before the death, celestial bodies in the sky appear to be fragmented. The person thinks that everything is divided into two parts, whereas nothing like this happens.

When we look at the mirror, we face our face, but if someone looks at someone except himself, then he points his death within 24 hours.

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