Wednesday 19th June 2024

Roti, cloth, after fulfilling the basic needs of the person in the house, which is necessary, is sleepy. Because wants to sleep quietly at night by working all day. For this sleep, he sleeps by keeping all his things in the comfort of his pillow. But do you know that some things are kept in the head while sleeping at night, which can cause happiness from your life? Yes, according to Vaastu, there are some things that have a bad impact on sleeping. Today we are telling you about things that do not forget even during sleep at night.

Do not keep water under the head

Never keep the water on the head before sleeping. It is said that the moon suffers after having water under the head. When a person suffers from the moon, negativity increases, it also creates problems like the person’s psychological problems. Therefore, do not keep water in any vessel below your bed before sleeping anytime.

Purse or money

It is often seen that people keep their purses with a headpiece and go to sleep. Many times if you do not do wallet, then people press your money under your pillow. According to Vaastu, it is always worried about money and neither is sleeping. Lakshmi also gets angry.

Jewelery and footwear

Do not wear gold or silver jewellery on the head, fortune falls weak and failures are found in every work. Apart from this, the key made from any metal should not be done.


It is often seen that people read books before sleeping and then they fall asleep near pillows. By doing this, the mind becomes shaken and distracted and cannot sleep deeply. After reading the book, keep it in place and then go to sleep is fine, by scaring in your mind, gold is beneficial by keeping Hanuman Chalisa, and Durga Chalisa.

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