Choco Bar Milk Ice Cream Odia Recipe

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Ingredients of Choco Bar Milk Ice Cream

Thick milk -1 litre
Cream – 500g
Sugar – 400g
Drinking chocolate powder -10 tbsp
Plain milk chocolate -1 slab(grated)
Cashew nuts – 350g

How to Make Choco Bar Milk Ice Cream

1)For preparing choco bar, freeze the cream.

2)Boil the milk till its quantity is reduced to half.

3)Add sugar and drinking chocolate to the milk. Allow it to simmer for few minutes and let it cool.

4)Then blend it with the frozen cream well.

5)Put in kulfi moulds and freeze till firm.

6)Choco bar is ready. Sprinkle grated plain chocolate and cashew nuts before serving it chilled.

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