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Ingredients Of Rasgulla

Milk- 4 cups
Lemon juice – 1/2 cup
Water – 4 cups
Sugar – 2 cups

How to Make Rasgulla

1) Boil milk in a vessel in high flame.

2)When the milk starts to boil, add the lemon juice to it slowly. Stir the mixture until the milk fat(paneer) and the water gets separated.

3)Filter the mixture using a clean cloth and drain the water out of the mixture.

4)Once the water is drained out, wash the milk fat using some plain water to remove the lemon taste.

5)Press and rub the milk fat for around 1-2 minutes to remove the excess water.

6)Make 10-12 small balls from the milk fat(paneer).

7)Add sugar to 4 cups of plain water and boil in a pressure cooker.

8)Once the sugar water mixture starts to boil, add the milk fat balls to it.

9)Close the cooker and boil in medium flame for 5-7 minutes (1 steam whistle).

10)After 5-7 minutes, open the cooker and transfer the contents (sugar mixture and Rasgulla) into another vessel.

11)Keep the contents in a refrigerator and allow it to cool.

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