Wednesday 19th June 2024

So basically it is a tradition where the bridesmaids hide the shoe of their brother in law and it is returned only if the groom decides to pay the money demanded by the bridesmaids.

Recently Parineeti Chopra shocked everyone when she demanded a hefty amount of $5 million from Nick Jonas as a token of Joota Chupai.

Priyanka, Parineeti along with some other close ladies were celebrating Priyanka’s bachelorette party in Amsterdam. Priyanka posted some pictures from the party and Nick commented “Who she’s so beautiful. Any chance of you could you introduce me?”

To which Parineeti replied “Nick Jonas, she is very hard to get! But I can try for you, if you agree to pay the 5 million dollar shoe-hiding fee!”

I hope she is kidding because I have seen many marriages breaking because of money.

Priyanka and Nick got engaged earlier this year and Nick has visited India several times after that so he will probably have a good idea of how complex Indian marriages are.

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