Friday 17th May 2024

B-town is known for competitions and backbiting but Aamir Khan on the other hand again showed why there is no one like him in the industry.

In his recent interview Aamir Khan stated that he doesn’t feel like a big star like Shah Rukh Khan.

“I don’t see myself as a star. But I do see Shah Rukh Khan as a big star and everything else about him… He’s so charming, he’s so handsome and so well dressed.” Aamir said, adding, “I wore a three-quarter pant and a T-shirt during Diwali. Those pants are so old that even the straps are coming off now.”

Aamir also talked about the lavishing lifestyle of SRK. “I’ve been to Shah Rukh’s house when it was new. He took me to his wardrobe. His wardrobe is as big as my entire house.

“The clothes are kept in such an organized manner, categorized to the tee. Suits, shoes, and socks everything kept so well. I was like, ‘WOW! Yeh hota hai star ka ghar. Mera aisa nai hai, mera sab confusion hai.” He added.

Aamir Khan is currently in hot water as he is being heavily criticized by the Indian audience for doing a film like Thugs of Hindostan.

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