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This is a real-life story of three women from Dholapur district of Rajasthan. They have set an example for many by doing such inspirational work. These three women have proved that how your strong determination can convert a small business to a huge one. They don’t have much academic knowledge but they have learned the value of time and hard work. These three women from a rural village have founded a company worth 1.5 Cr and provided a source of income to at least 800 women from nearby villages.

The Collective effort of these three women has made many women self-sufficient. Chairperson of the company Mrs. Anita said that before start working she was not even coming outside of the house. But now she can go up to Jaypur on her own and can breathe a sigh of self-sufficiency. She has earned her own living and now she is providing a source of earning to others.

Now there is no need for her to raise her hand for money in front of anyone. Now her family has become an idyllic family for all. She has studied up to 10th standard. Treasurer Bijaya Sharma also said that now she spending on her own income and also educating her children in a good school. She is not asking for money in front of anyone for her requirement.

Anita, Haripyari, and Bijaya Sharma. They all belong to a poor family. Like many families, their families also were struggling with daily expenses. So they always wanted to do something to change the financial condition of their family. At last, they took a little step towards their dream by taking a simple step.

They purchased some buffaloes by taking loans from people who buy milk from them and settled the debt by selling milk. But they were not getting as much money as per their labor. Then Anita, Haripyari, and Bijaya Sharma decided to set up their company. For initial capital, they created a women self-help group and took loans from bank. In 2013 they started their company and named it “Saheli Producers”.

The milk plant got established With technical help from the director of Manjali Foundation Mr. Sanjay Sharma in Karimpur village. And the share of the company was distributed among the women of that village. Now that company has shareholders from at least 800 villages. The company which once started at an investment of one lakh now has reached to 1.5 cr in just two and a half year. Now the board of this company has 11 women who are getting a salary of 12000 per month.

Women from Saheli producers from 18 nearby villages are the shareholders of the company and they sell milk to the company as per market rate. Every village has a milk collection unit. Then this milk is taken to the plant in karimpur where milk processing is taking place.

The biggest thing that, now the villagers are purchasing milk at a rate of 30 to 32 rupees per liter. By this, the milk providing women are making a good amount of income. Except that they also are gaining pretty much amount from the share of the company. They are selling their milk packets at dhoulapur, for which two selling booths have made them. They also make cheese, paneer, and butter from the leftover milk and also sell them.

In 2015, the state health department has taken samples from these milk products for clinical testing of these, which cleared that these milk products are safe for human consumption. This company doesn’t make much profit from their products so they sell those at a lower market rate. The technical help provider to the company Mr. Sanjay Sharma said that a report was sent to the state government for the good management of this company by these women.

Then Govt. officials have visited the plant and praised these women a lot. As per the report by these officials, state govt. has given encouragement money worth Rs 5 lakh to this company. The company distributed this money among all women at a lower rate of interest to buy buffaloes and cows. For this now more numbers of women are able to sell milk to this company. If you have the determination to do any work then you will find a way to fulfill it. And these three women have proved it.

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