Thursday 18th July 2024

Finally “The Smile Torch” campaign touched down the capital city on this Saturday to sensitise communities about the challenges faced by children born with cleft lip & palate.

Today ‘The Smile Torch’ campaign, it has become a wide range successful in bringing the awareness about the clefts which are alike another medical condition that can be treated with reconstructive surgeries and immediate transformations.

‘Smile Train India’ the international acclaimed cleft care charitable organisation welcomed The Smile Torch by its partner hospitals in Bhubaneswar.

Sharing about the initiative, Leela Imam, senior Director – Program, Smile Train India, said – The biggest challenges in cleft treatment are affordability and accessibility.

Smile Torch was launched on February 8, 2019 in Varanasi on the occasion of National Cleft Day and travelling through all over India to widen up the awareness in a larger space.

According to the experts the highest cleft incidences are among Asians (1 in 500) which throws light on the deficiency of multifactorial, environmental and nutritional factors. Literally an untreated cleft face child faces numerous difficulties in eating, breathing, speaking and risk of severe malnutrition.

Smile Train has cone with a proper execution where it helps to address all the barriers that children with untreated clefts encounter which may prevent them from receiving the surgery.

As per the console of Leela Imam – Smile Train is working hard to raise the awareness about clefts and you can help the others to overcome barriers and change a child’s life forever.

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