Saturday 18th May 2024

It is beyond doubt that times are tough and everybody is on the move looking for that one opportunity. Youths who are well educated, and are willing to take up almost any job available are a frustrated lot because the jobs do not seem to be available any more.

Without an employment, it is almost for you to be successful because almost everything depends on money including marriage, your health, and your security among others. Good thing is, there are some very effective remedies that you can try. Here are some of them:

– Always have something made of silver with you wherever you are and in whatever you do

– Take a given amount of sweets made of jiggery and let them on a freely flowing water body such as a river or a stream

-Donate almonds regularly on Sundays

– Worship the Sun on a daily basis. Stand in front of the rising Sun every morning as youbegin your worship and do “traatak”

– Routinely recite Shri Durga Argala Stotra, and you will increase your chances of getting a job and many other good things in your life. This is an extremely powerful torta to keep your problems at bay, and to get rid of the ones that are already weighing you down.

– Develop a habit of offering Jal to a Peepal tree. The tree’s greatness has been mentioned widely in our literature. Worshiping Peepal tree propitiates not only Lord Shiver himself but also Jupiter, which is one of the most superior planets in astrology.

– Regularly perform Rudra Abhishek. In case you have no idea, Rudra Abhishek is all about worshiping Lord Shiva. It has been proven that his worship can open any door of opportunity for you. His worship can actually gain anything to you.

– Routinely worship Lord Saturn, or commonly known as Shani. Lord Saturn is the main significator of servitude in astrology. If your worship him regularly, you will be blessed with an employment.

– Start worshiping Lord Ganesh, who is known as Vighneshwar. The worship of Lord Ganesh in any form will reduce and eliminate any form of obstacles that are blocking your way to success including finding your dream job.

– You should be worshiping Lord Kaal Bhairav, who is an extreme form of Lord Shiva. If you worship Him, you will be delivered out of your problems very quickly. Furthermore, Lord Kaal Bhairay is also the Adhipati Dev of Saturn. Therefore, worshiping him will also deliver employment.

– Worship the planet that is ruling the sixth house and the tenth house of the horoscopes. Regular worship of the owner of the tenth house always very beneficial when it comes to gaining employment.

– Worship all the planets and Lords. In more often than not, people tend to only worship the planet causing them problems. You should always remember that we have nine

– planets in astrology, and all of them are important. As you focus of worship on that one planet that might be causing you problems, you should never forget to worship also other planets.

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