Tuesday 26th September 2023

Astrology plays very major roles in people’s lives. Most people have at one point or the other had their lives influenced by astrological impacts. When it comes to astrology not everybody can talk of a good experience, with astrology you can have both good and bad experiences. However, you do not need to worry about the bad astrological experiences since this is the moment where both astrology and astrologers come to your rescue with ideal remedies. Regardless of your situation, there is an astrological remedy just for you. Apart from looking for an ideal astrologer for the money issues you can consider other options. Outlined are astrological remedies that are ideal for your money issues.

i. The Sacred Fig Tree

It is also commonly referred to as Peepal. Peepal is a famous astrological reverend. As much as Peepal is also known to have healing abilities, it can also bring money into your life. For you to attract money:

• Pick a leaf from any Peepal tree and place it in your wallet’s coins section. This should be done every Saturday.

• Ensure that every Saturday you replace the old leaf with a new one. Always throw away the old one.

• This is a sure way of ensuring that you never experience an empty wallet.

ii. Consider Using Mahalakshmi Mantra

You can easily purchase Mahalakshmi Mantra from any astrologer reverend in Delhi. Once you purchase it, you are strictly supposed to use it on Wednesday night. You can begin with 1 or 3 Mahalakshmi Mantra rosaries. You should consider doing this practice every Wednesday for the desired results.

iii. Do Not Broom Your Wealth Away

I know this sounds absurd, right? As much as Lakshmi (wealth goddess) only visits a clean and tidy home, be careful not to broom your wealth away. It is advisable to keep your house clean but you need to be aware of when not to broom your house. Sweeping your house after sunrise can easily broom your wealth away.

iv. Look for an Ideal Astrologer

An ideal astrologer can work wonders in your life especially concerning increasing your money. Different astrologers have different remedies. There is one commonly used remedy for money that requires the following process:

• Look for rice approximately 125 grams of Basmati rice and 125 grams of sugar candy.

• Tie both ingredients in a pure white handkerchief.

• Pray to Goddess Lakshmi, seeking forgiveness for all known and unknown wrongdoings.

• Finally, immense the tied handkerchief into a flowing river.

v. Respect is surely important

Goddess Lakshmi is well known to represent wealth. For you to experience the kind of money you expect, you need to consider first respecting women. Since Goddess Lakshmi is female disrespecting any woman is considered equivalent to disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi. Disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi can blow your wealth away.

Finally, when it comes to astrological remedies, following every instruction that is given is the only way out. Make sure you follow every instruction to the letter and you can be assured of getting the desired results.

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