Wednesday 19th June 2024

Like everyone else, you would wish to live in a world that is not materialistic, and where there is nothing called money. That would surely be an ideal world for every one of us. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, money is what makes our world go round. Without money, there is nothing you can do or achieve.

So, for you to live a good life on earth, you must have money. If you are struggling to attract this precious earthly thing, then you should know that you simply don’t know how to please the god of wealth.

According to astrologists, money will never come to your direction if you don’t know how to attract it no matter how hard you work. And the only way to attract money is to please the God and the Goddess of Wealth. The following tips will please Lord Kuber, the god of wealth, and the goddess Maa Laxmi, and they will surely shower you with money. Check them out!

1. Always keep a purpled colored plant around your home because the purple color is what represents wealth. It can be hard to find a purple colored plant sometimes. In such a case, buy a purple colored pot and keep a plant in it.

2. You should never put a cash locker under a beam because this puts unbearable financial stress on business and family

3. Make sure that your home is Vaastu perfect, as all happiness usually start from home

4. Fix all the leaking water pipes and taps as the leakage is an indication that you are losing money

5. Respect women. If you don’t, then you will be disrespecting Maa Lakshmi too, who is the Goddess of Wealth.

6. Place green plant in your house in North Direction. This will not only bring money and wealth, but will also grow your career

7. Temple in House must be in places in East or North direction only

8. Money must always be kept in the north direction box

9. Keep all doors and windows clean. Money flow is normally obstructed if the windows and doors are dirty

10. Never keep any mirror in your bedroom. If you don’t have enough space outside your bedroom, make sure that your image is not reflected in the mirror when you are sleeping because this relates to poverty and negative energy.

11. Avoid keeping dustbins and shoes in wet places because this affects growth band profit negatively

12. Keep your cash in the drawers that are made in the north

13. Install a mirror in front of your cash drawer. A reflection of cash on the mirror represents a double of the money. Therefore, the mirror will attract more money to your direction

14. You should never make any curved wall at the North-east corner of a boundary wall because this deflects money from crossing the boundary over to your house. Instead, make a curved wall at right angles

15. Plant huge and tall trees in the South-West part of your home or plot to stabilize finances.
This will also help to avoid any mishaps and misfortunes both in family and business

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