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Work interview is a common stage that must be passed when you want to apply for work in a workplace or company. It is in this stage that the company will assess which candidates are eligible to work in place. Therefore, as a good prospective employee, you should give a positive impression considering at this stage the company gives their initial assessment and evaluation. Appearance clearly holds the key here, though not completely your personality can be reflected from the outward appearance you show. However, it is a good idea to respect the institution or place where you are applying for work. Showing this respect can be done by complying with corporate ethics, including in terms of outfit. Then, what kind of dressing style is appropriate for an interview session? Here are some tips you can consider:

Avoid casual clothes

When you apply for a job in a company or workplace, try to as much as possible avoid a casual dress. Casual dress means that you lack ethical respect. Casual wear is a style of dressing that is usually used by young people to hang out, such as jeans and t-shirts. This casual appearance is obviously inappropriate, even if you are in the context of applying to a creative company. Creative companies also still want respect from their prospective employees through a polite and formal style of clothing.

Choose a polite formal dress style

Formal dress is not always a dark suit. For a workplace that is not as big as a large-scaled company, you can still perform formally through a well-planned clothing style. For example, you can wear a dark color trouser with a white top and vest. As for a large-scale company, you can wear a suit or blazer with dark or cream color. For men, do not forget to wear a tie.

Avoid clothes that are too flashy

Clothes with too striking motives are a bit imply the informal side. While something that must be showed in a job interview is a well-planned and prudent appearance. Therefore, as much as possible avoid the style of a bustling clothing like floral or abstract motifs with striking contrasting colors. In addition to making your interviewer more focused, this can prevent you from subjective assessment of the company.

Avoid wearing sneakers or sandals

In addition to a polite dress style, you should wear a formal shoes to attend a job interview. As much as possible avoid wearing sneakers or strappy shoes. Formal shoes clearly show your dynamic and discipline side, while sneakers will suggest that you are not serious about the interview session.

Those are some points to consider when you want to do a job interview session. Paying close attention to what to wear to an interview will save you to pass in a job interview. While it is true that not entirely competence and expertise can be judged from the outward appearance, but at least the good attitude can be implied from a good and polite appearance. Good luck!

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