Tuesday 26th September 2023

Height is something that can be conditioned from the growth phase. For those who are in their teens, they can still grow taller because they are still in their growth stage. In terms of this growth, height can be increased from 13 to 22 year’s old for men, and from 12 to 21 year’s old for women. Although there are genetic factors that determine a person’s height, but actually height can still be increased as long as the person is still in its growth stage. Then, how to increase height? What factors needed to increase growth of one’s height? Here are some of them:

Consuming high-calcium milk

As already known that calcium is a bone builder substance. In a growth stage, calcium is needed for the physical development of the body. Consuming calcium like drinking milk is the most powerful way to meet the needs of bone growth. Drinking high-calcium milk also can prevent the risk of osteoporosis. Routine consumption of high-calcium milk after breakfast and before bedtime will meet your need for increased bone calcium.

Doing the right sports

Sports also contribute to increase height. Do regular exercise to keep your body healthy and grow normally. However, to increase the height, there are certain sports that can be done. Among them are swimming or basketball. Swimming is one of exercise that is able to move all parts of the body actively. Many calories burn in a swimming motion, so the bone growth comes together because of it. So it is with basketball. Basketball contains many stretching movements such as jumping. As already known that jumping is a motion that is perfect for increasing height.

Consuming high-protein foods

Eating foods with high protein content can also be done to increase height. As it is known that calcium is a much needed substance for the body growth. Routinely consume high-protein food such as tempe and meat. These kind of foods will be sufficient for your protein needs for growth. Eating whole grains such as nuts will also help meet the body’s protein needs. Whole grain is also a kind of high-protein food. Routine consumption of whole grain as your diet will give a significant impact to increase height.

Enough sleep and avoid bad habits

Enough sleep will restore your energy for your activity in the next day. With enough rest, the body will be able to regenerate its cells so that growth can run optimally. Similarly, you must also avoid bad habits that harm health. Bad habits such as alcohol consumption or heavy smoking should be left out so that all illnesses can be avoided. Bad health condition surely will affect the growth process. Sleeping with the right position also affects the bone growth. Try to sleep in a correct position that does not inhibit your bone growth.

That’s some factors needed to increase the body’s height you can apply. Although bone growth reaches its maximum in adolescence, some of the above factors can be applied to support the optimization of height growth.

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