Saturday 18th May 2024

Sunday is a fun day where we only want to relax and rest before we get ready for the week ahead. But how do we turn our worldly Sunday into a memorable one?

1 – Breakfast on the bed Haha:) How many days of the week do you also eat breakfast? So, joining a comfortable breakfast on the bed, make your Sunday Super Special. Turn on the TV, flip through channels and sit under the cover and eat your favourite stuff! Yum

2 – Elaborate baths: Don’t take just bath, indulge in a ritual Get bath salts, suitable music, aromatic essence and your favourite aroma to take a long and full bath.

3 – Phone off: Do not disturb the office work, colleagues and other things that can distract you and affect your good mood. Keep your phone off and other fancy gadgets. Spend some time with your family as you do not have the same luxuries during the week.

4 – Cooking lunch with your partner or Parents:

Whether you’re good at it or planning to turn the kitchen into a bombsite site, it’s fun to have lunch with your partner. Do not go for some fancy, just cooked in your regular food but an exotic way. You want to find a lot of things about each other when you get off to cooking with your better half.

5 – Afternoon Sleep: Yes, it’s a luxury that saves you during the week. Make a light lunch and went for weeks to hit the bed for a good 3 hours. Turn off your phone, doorbell and landline phone so that you can sleep peacefully.

These are the ways you can make your Sunday memorable!

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