Thursday 18th July 2024

As they say, God could not be everywhere and thus he made Mother. This statement is 100% true and we realize it every day.
However, some of us who are unfortunate enough to stay away from home for higher education or job realize the fact every moment of the day.

So, here we present 5 reasons why she is the best.

1. The food made by her tops any 5-star hotel:

Be it Pakhala and Fish fry or Mutton Kasa, she cooks with the most important ingredient – Love. No matter how much you pay in the restaurant bills, you will never be as full as you get after eating even a simple meal cooked by her.

2. Clean surrounding:

No matter how much you, your wife or your maid tries, the house is never as clean as when Mom cleans it. She is the ultimate expert. Starting from how to fold clothes to how to arrange the kitchen, you have learned everything from her but still, lack expertise. My advice- She is the best, you will never be half as good as her.

3. No worries about health washed or ironed clothes:

I hate that part when I get back from office and have to pick up my clothes, wash or iron them. With Moms around, we never worried about that. She was the magical walk around the house who took care of everyone around the house.

4. She keeps tab of everything that you may need:

Me: Ma, where is this?
Ma: Right there on the table.
Me: I can’t find it.
Ma: It’s there only, wait.
(Comes and magically the thing is there where she told it would be)
The above situation has happened to me time and again.

5. She is the ultimate guide and teacher:

Last but not the least. She told us values and was the first teacher. Starting from carrying us in her womb to sending us away from home to make big in the life, she has done everything with grace and pride. So, go ahead. Pick up the phone and express your love to her now.

Me to Mom: why is this? Where is that? How did it happen? And a million other things.
Me to Dad: Where is Mom?

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